A: We are being very careful to make sure that the information on this website comes directly from Kirael. As one of the Old Ones, and one who has attained mastery also in this life, he is gifted with astounding intuitive abilities, and has scanned the information very carefully. Since he is the one personally shaping the changes that are happening in the world, this seems to us the most reliable source.

Some of the information consists of audio recordings. As this is the way the Angel often talks to his students about the more important topic, these are a great way to get first hand information without having to rely on transcriptions or translations. You can get the words and the energy directly - something that has never been possible before with the great teachers in the past. Other information was recorded or transcribed by students privately while he was talking. A fair amount of the articles are written by the editors based on a collection of notes taken sometimes over years.

In doing so, we are making an effort to put out what scans and make no assumptions about what our audience may be able to handle. We trust that if readers are not ready for a certain piece of information, they will simply walk away and perhaps come back at a later time. 

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