A: People aren't good with change.

As more and more of the changes start to become apparent, you start realising that everything you've ever known is different. You are different. The people around you are different. The way people respond to things you've done all your life has changed, and the way you respond to what you've liked and disliked has changed. Of course you feel nervous. All the ideas you had on how the world works don't work anymore. 

It doesn't help that you - like everyone else born before October 2015 - were raised in a world of shadow, and all you expect out of the world is shadow. So when you notice something is different, your first instincts for a while are going to be to panic - you don't know what to expect, but part of you assumes it's probably bad. When you hear there is a single entity creating this much change in your world, you get suspicious, because everybody in your experience who has had great power, has been an ugly person using it to create fear and lack and oppression in the world.

It's not a world of shadow anymore now. It's ok to relax. Let go of your anxiety long enough to reach out and perceive the changes for yourself, and make up your own mind. 

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