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    Now that the time of Shadow in our world is finally over, we can start to explore the Light, and what it means to live without fear and anger, without the constant nagging that there isn’t going to be enough and that we aren’t safe.

    But we have no idea how to do it. We have no practise with living from joy rather than fear, with relaxing enough to trust life and to experience intensely and to give freely to those around us.

    Over the next decade, we will all have to learn to recognise those parts of ourselves and our society that developed in Shadow, and find new ways to handle almost every kind of situation in life. The processes that are already in place will help people to recognise what needs to change, and guide us towards creating a world where joy, love and harmony, and unity are the norm.

  • cat magicIn 1952, the energies that allow for people to use their natural intuitive abilities, - the kind of abilities that in our stories are called magic - started to come back into our world. They have been slowly building up since then, to a place where today, regular people all over the world are starting to find small expressions of this magic in their lives.

    These energies will be with us for at least the next 10.000 years, and the use of intuitive abilities will be as natural to our world as the use of technology is now.

    The return of magic will people will be challenged to make some serious changes, not just in what they do and how they live, but also in how they look at the world and what they consider possible.

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    As we perceive, process and respond primarily from the heart, a much higher processing centre than the guts where we previously lived, we will be smarter, more perceptive, more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. Perhaps more importantly, for the first time in our history, we will be able to perceive the greater harmonies and live in unity with one another, as well as our world.

    As humanity rises up to sentience, we will look back at our past and begin to understand how primitive we have been across the past thousands of years, and how much beauty and wonder we are now ready to explore.

  • The happening called The Upwelling is going to affect this part of the galaxy for so long, that humans will have evolved into a new species for a second time and it will still be a really big deal. This arm of the galaxy has been knocked out of where it should be, and there's been a rip in the underlying structure, letting energies bleed out and causing shadows and chaos for a fast distance around for a very long time - and Angel has fixed that. It's huge. But until people evolve good enough senses, a long time from now, no one will be able to see any of this for themselves.

    There haven't been any better shows than this... but you can't see it. When there's a great magician performing amazing magic, it's nice to be able to see the show.

    This last August 2nd working has been about stuff most people will be able to see if you know where to look. For example, in pictures online there wasn't shadow energy, when before there would have been. In pictures of groups of people, there wasn't anger where usually it would be. In mosquito bites, there wasn't the destructive emotional energy that it usually carries. You don't have to trust the guy behind the curtain, the man behind the mirror on this thing anymore.

    Go out and study the things you know well, look for it, because everything is so different. This is the biggest working in the history of humanity that you can actually sense, in your parents, your lovers, yourself, your pictures, the food in your fridge. It is so huge and amazing, and once it settles down it will be so beautiful - and it is well within everybody's reach.

    Angel, 2014-08-07

  • The world has changed immensely over the past decades. Especially since the Shift window of 2010-2015, so much has changed in every aspect of life that when the protective veil lifts and people become aware, they are going to have difficulty adjusting. Many new energies and attitudes have come into our world, that humanity with her long history in Shadow has no idea how to handle. We are going to need help.

  • If someone went back and changed the past, who would know it? As you understand time, you only have one set of memories. Angel has worked an astounding amount of years in the past four years. The reason he's been able to do some of the seemingly impossible things he's done, is because he's made a huge amount of changes over more then 100.000 years, moving back and forth through time as he did it. Trying to understand it in linear time will be really confusing, but with a more fluid understanding of time, you can see how someone having a dream of him, 20 or 200 or more years ago, it can have been a true dream. The reason the old gods disappeared, the ones who ruled your world for so long, is because he went back to them.

    He could conceivably have gone back and re-weaved everything so that this world grew up without cruelty and violence and war, but it would make a mockery of the beauty of what humanity has created. All the vibrance and intensity would have been unmade, and it would have taken the chance from everyone to me something amazing. People would just be nice and safe and boring. All you have gained as a species from what you have been through, is so sacred.

    What he has done instead is to re-balance the system, create a harmony, bring things to a perfect balance, to bring this world to an experience of stepping out of all the horror and into so amazing, that you can celebrate every moment of every day. All you have gained through all the struggle, all the intensity and passion and beauty and creativity, can now begin to move in a new direction.

    It had to be now. Things had to be slotted into the space where the energies moved. This couldn't have been done in another time. And now it's done - all of these thousands of years. It's come to a close - it's finished.

    Angel, 2014-10-14

  • c Kirael

    This section recounts the involvement of the Kirael consciousness throughout the development of humanity, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

    Changing the course of an entire world is no easy feat. A huge amount of vectors are included, and it should have been an impossible task. There was only a small window available for the Shift to happen, a very short time in which it was conceivable that someone with enough skill, magic and power might be able to heal the underlying tear in the fabric of the universe. And even then, it was by no means a certainty from the start. Creating this much change in such a small window of time took a long period of preparation and some very unconventional means.

    Below, you will find a (very incomplete) overview of the many ways Kirael doAni has been involved in the history of this world over the past quarter million years, to allow us to make the Shift into a new Golden Age.

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    As we move more fully into the Golden age, people all over the world are starting to feel that our old way of doing things has often been ugly and abusive. This feeling is only going to increase over the next several years.

    Following people’s jump to the heart and their newfound sense that joy and safety and self-exploration should be guaranteed for everyone, the next decades will see radical changes in across all areas of life: relationships, sexuality, the way families are structured, the way we raise our children and spend our time, the way we organise politics and express ourselves creatively.

    The direction we will take in our world is not random. Given our history and the transition our world has just made, we can paint a fairly clear picture of some of the changes we as a global community are likely to make.


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