Time Travel

  • me changesRight now, mid 2017, we are only just beginning to see the effects of the mandala effect. The small changes were only there to get people used to paying attention to the validity of their memories in a way that wouldn’t provoke much fear. In some cases, they were distractors while larger changes were happening.

    Larger changes, to human history, to Earth’s geography, to the organisation of financial and industrial control structures and much more, will be surfacing from early May 2017 until roughly 2022. The waves of change will be getting bigger, and changes will propagate out into other areas that depend on them.

    You may be seeing multiple changes to the same thing in this time period, until the time stream anneals, and they are not necessarily unidirectional. Something may change several times, in several different ways, until the world finally settles down into a place of love and harmony.

  • To be ready for this Shift, much healing work had to be done. We needed a doctor, a captain.

    Kirael, one of the Old Ones, has been filling that role for the past 300.000 years.

  • c Kirael

    This section recounts the involvement of the Kirael consciousness throughout the development of humanity, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

    Changing the course of an entire world is no easy feat. A huge amount of vectors are included, and it should have been an impossible task. There was only a small window available for the Shift to happen, a very short time in which it was conceivable that someone with enough skill, magic and power might be able to heal the underlying tear in the fabric of the universe. And even then, it was by no means a certainty from the start. Creating this much change in such a small window of time took a long period of preparation and some very unconventional means.

    Below, you will find a (very incomplete) overview of the many ways Kirael doAni has been involved in the history of this world over the past quarter million years, to allow us to make the Shift into a new Golden Age.

  • me effectsWhen you look up a few hundred Mandela effects, it becomes clear that while these changes seem to be everywhere, there are a couple of very distinct areas in which changes are concentrating: small things like spelling, names and logos, and much more relevant things like the human body, religion, geography, technology, and a few others.

    There are plenty of people doing excellent work on collecting and listing the effects, finding evidence that things really have changed, and helping you to notice what is going on. What we explain here is that these effects aren’t, in fact, randomly distributed all over the place, but that they are organized in a few distinct groups. That way, you can pick any area of interest to you, and study more specifically what is going on and what is changing in this area.


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