• Of all the many things that are changing, most people seem to only pay attention to the small, insignificant changes like the different logos, the different names of famous people and other little details. Often, these details are easy for them to remember, yet at the same time they fail to notice the massive changes in geology, biology, technology and history, or fail to remember them when they are pointed out.

    The insignificant looking changes are distractors. They are the magician waving his right hand around with much flash, so you don’t notice what the left hand is doing. They are the sparkles to distract you from the Earth shocking effects, so that you don’t get scared. As individual people become more mature and able to handle the changes with joy rather than fear, they will start to notice more of the important changes. It is a beautifully tailored system, that lets everyone explore when they are ready.

  • We are seeing more intense and vibrant colors, in the new rainbow mountains in China, the rainbow eucalyptus trees, and many of the other landmarks around our world. There are whole new species of animals in colors so bright and shimmering that they are absolutely delightful to watch. Often these animals are not just astoundingly colorful, they’re also quirky and silly and beautiful in their shapes and feel.

    Part of this trend is the earlier invention of color TV, which led to advances in technology that allowed people for the last decades to make higher quality movies and games. Entire generations have become used to processing more bright and complex visuals and sounds, which allowed them to handle more complex information.

    Most importantly, people are finding more joy and wonder and happiness.

  • If this makes you uncomfortable, we completely understand. Don't worry about it - it isn't important what you believe about the source of these teachings.

    If it makes it easier for you, feel free to imagine all of this being channeled from some much greater, wiser, more powerful entity who has been working in this world for the past nearly million years and who has taken on the task of overseeing and guiding the transition humanity is making at this moment.

    If you like, feel free to call the force behind these workings whatever best matches your personal outlook on life. Love, life, the universe, or whatever more personal label works for you will be just fine.

    And if that's not your thing, feel free to just ignore the parts that make you uncomforable.

    All information on this site is freely given. Scan everything for yourself, do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Take what you can use at the moment, and leave what you can't.

  • This is a time of awakening for humanity. For the first time, our species is moving into the heart, and becoming an actual sentient species rather than the largely savage animals we have been up till now. To get there, we need to wake up, to start paying attention, to become aware of ourselves and our world.

    Many of the mandala effects are directed at helping people to wake up. They challenge our ideas of the world, they push us to ask questions, they teach us to pay attention to the world around us and stop taking things for granted. "Was it Sally Field, or Sally Fields? Is this memory I have still valid? Maybe I need to re-check and see what's actually there."

    More than just encouraging people to greater awareness in the moment, the mandala effects are working back through history and creating a timestream for our world where humanity started to wake up hundreds of years ago.

  • A lot of people talk about Nibiru when they try to understand what's going on with the Shift, or with the Mandela Effect. They are worried about it being a planet in orbit around our world that will come and somehow destroy us. This is just a story.

    Nibiru is not causing the Mandela Effect, or even related to it. It's a space station, a ship, that's parked in orbit around our planet. It is the vessel in with the Anufirst came to our world, roughly 300.000 years ago, and where they lived during much of their time with our world. As the Anu set themselves up as gods, people came to refer to the place they lived as "the heavens" or "the dwelling place of the gods".

    One of the reasons why Nibiru often gets linked with the Mandela Effect, is that the changes in our world are bringing back memories of humanity's ancient past.

  • Much of human history is forgotten. Most of us like to think that humanity crawled out of the caves perhaps 8.000 years ago and promptly started building advanced civilizations. There is much more to our history than that, another 250.000 years that have faded from our memory. Events from this forgotten time affect humanity till this day.

    Many mandala effects are aimed at bringing our forgotten history back into awareness. There are now archeological finds, such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, that show us humanity discovered civilization much earlier than previously thought, questioning our theories about human development. Other archeological sites, like Petra in Jordan, have changed enormously, and show that advanced technology was used in the creation of them.

    More details about humanity’s forgotten past can be found here.

  • The most common term for the effect where people remember a world differently from the way it is now, is the Mandela effect, after president Mandela of South Africa. This was one of the first cases to catch people's attention: some remember him having died in prison in the 1980s, rather than becoming president and steering South Africa into a more peaceful time.

    While the term isn't a bad one, a better name for the effect is the mandala effect. A mandala is employed for focusing the attention of practitioners and adepts. It is intended to call people's attention to it and help them to notice what is happening, as a spiritual guidance tool and an aid to meditation.

    A mandala is a tool to help people to notice and make them more aware, which is exactly what this effect is doing. It is making millions of people aware of the Shift and the changes in our world.

  • In addition to greater simplicity, we are consistently seeing trends towards greater kindness and softness. Plant and animal species are losing their venom and poison, different creatures get along better, wastelands like icecaps and deserts are disappearing, and nature itself is becoming less harsh.

    A lot of the horror and fear in our past is being edited out. In songs and music videos, the lyrics and videos and artists themselves have less harshness and more love. Horror movies are becoming less horrible and scary, as illustrated by the disappearance of the line “Hello, Clarice,” in Silence of the Lamb. The stories we tell our children are becoming less savage.

    As the world gets kinder and softer, and as these changes are working into our past, there will be less and less need for fear, anger and hatred, and more space for love, awareness and beauty.

  • One of the things that is changing, is that we are moving towards a world with greater simplicity. There has been a lot of confusion, obfuscation and complexity in our world that made it difficult for people to understand each other and to share ideas.

    What we are seeing is an increasing simplicity, for now especially in language. In many of the words, names, or brand names that have changed, the change has been towards a shorter, simpler word that is easier to read or pronounce. In some cases, letters themselves are suddenly being written more simplistically.

    In taking out some of the unnecessary noise and the distractions, in making things simpler and easier, people can begin to relax, to breathe, and to explore their world without having to worry that it will all be too much.


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