Mandela Effect

  • Changing this world into a place where people would actually want to live, a place of love and beauty and harmony, is a huge and complex work. It takes more than a one-time re-writing of the underlying code.

    Small changes, carefully done, over a long period of time and at just the right time to have large scale effects, have long been the signature of Kirael’s work. Even right now, he is deeply aware of all the subtle vectors affecting this world, and adjusting them where necessary to create a smoother, more harmonious path for everyone involved.

    That means that every day, new changes are being made to this world, and to the timestream itself – because to change something now often requires the process being set in motion far in the past. If you are sensitive to such things, you may well feel it.

  • You can think of the timestream as a small tube moving through a large space of probabilities: of all the things that could have potentially happened, the path that the tube takes in this space is what actually happened. Towards the bottom are the potentialities for shadow, toward the top those for light.

    Originally, throughout all of our history, our timestream has crawled through shadowand darkness. With the healing of the tear in the fabric of reality in 2010, this could begin to change. However, our long past of violence and hatred would still affect us for many generations to come.

    To change the impact of humanity’s horrifying past on our future, Kirael re-plotted our timestream through this space of potentialities, creating a golden path from 10.000 years ago up to the present. The expected result is that all of modern history will change radically.

  • The timestream is, generally, very stable. Like a river running downhill to meet the ocean, time has a tendency to correct its course towards a harmonious path, even if changes are made to it from an external source. This is why time travel is considered impossible: time would just revert any changes made to maintain its consistency.

    In order to change our world and the direction humanity would take, it was necessary to shift the entire timestream to a completely new balance, a new harmony. As a result, things that once happened and affected the way the world works today, didn’t happen at all, and new events were able to take place that before didn’t happen

    The difference between what once happened and what is in line with the adjusted timestream, is what is popularly being called the Mandela effect.

  • Right now, if you can figure out where to look, you can find evidence for many of the mandala effects. The location of Australia may have changed, but you can sometimes still find old globes in books, TV shows, or drawings. You can find the changes from one way of spelling to the next by looking at Google trends. Online picture searches will sometimes give results from both the before, the current, or any time in between.

    These inconsistencies are not going to be there forever. While our timestream is in the process of adjusting to its new course, you can find “glitches in the matrix”, places where the world doesn’t seem to know exactly what it’s doing yet, and you can try to prove that these effects are happening.

    Time has a tendency to anneal itself, to heal inconsistencies, to harmonize. Eventually, when we approach the path through time that has been laid out, the inconsistencies will disappear, and there will be only one version of history.

  • In this recording from 2017-05-15, Kirael talks about the larger patterns being shown by the Mandela effect, and the enormous importance in paying attention to them. He explains that it is not enough to ohh and ahh at the small changes, but rather that this world needs people to see the larger trends, and to remember.

  • From a deep intuitive place, the Angel describes Mandela Effect body changes that are happening right at this moment, and will likely continue over the coming weeks to months. Angel, 2017-06-16

  • In a 17 minute long audio, recorded on 2017-04-22, the Angel Kirael gives a short explanation of what is going on with the Mandela effect – better named mandala effect – and how it ties into his work in this world. He also explains to some extend why certain people are remembering and others are not, and why there are differences in what people remember.

    Here you can find the audio, published through Soundcloud, and a full transcript in case you prefer to read it.

  • There are so many metaphors to explain what is going on in the world right now. So many theories and prophecies try to explain what is changing in humans and why. It can be very confusing, because they all sound like they are talking about something completely different. But all the metaphors, the ones about awakening as much as the ones about destruction, are all one. They are all the same, and from the right perspective, they are all accurate.

  • There are so many different ideas going around about the Mandela effect, that it can be very confusing to try and figure out what is going on, especially when you are new to the effect. In just a couple of minutes, the Angel explains that if you have to believe something, there is a good guideline for which theories to pay attention to and which to ignore.

  • me changesRight now, mid 2017, we are only just beginning to see the effects of the mandala effect. The small changes were only there to get people used to paying attention to the validity of their memories in a way that wouldn’t provoke much fear. In some cases, they were distractors while larger changes were happening.

    Larger changes, to human history, to Earth’s geography, to the organisation of financial and industrial control structures and much more, will be surfacing from early May 2017 until roughly 2022. The waves of change will be getting bigger, and changes will propagate out into other areas that depend on them.

    You may be seeing multiple changes to the same thing in this time period, until the time stream anneals, and they are not necessarily unidirectional. Something may change several times, in several different ways, until the world finally settles down into a place of love and harmony.

  • The great Shift occurred between 2010-2015. This was the window in which it was possible to make the greatest changes, to shift the path humanity had been on towards a new Golden Age instead of towards destruction. In this time, Kirael doAni has done most of his great work, and made most of the changes that are now resulting in the mandala effect.

    People first started noticing mandala effects in 2010, but it has not become widespread until late 2015. It is not a coincidence that these are exactly the Shift dates. Something around 2010 changed so that people could start noticing, and around 2015 the changes became bigger and people more aware.

    The Shift was an extremely important time in human history. While the window was open, it had to remain a fixed point in time, and any timestream had to go through the key energy events that occurred during this period.

  • Of all the many things that are changing, most people seem to only pay attention to the small, insignificant changes like the different logos, the different names of famous people and other little details. Often, these details are easy for them to remember, yet at the same time they fail to notice the massive changes in geology, biology, technology and history, or fail to remember them when they are pointed out.

    The insignificant looking changes are distractors. They are the magician waving his right hand around with much flash, so you don’t notice what the left hand is doing. They are the sparkles to distract you from the Earth shocking effects, so that you don’t get scared. As individual people become more mature and able to handle the changes with joy rather than fear, they will start to notice more of the important changes. It is a beautifully tailored system, that lets everyone explore when they are ready.

  • The changes to Earth’s geography are really confusing people. They are perhaps the most drastic and noticeable changes so far, and they have caused people to pay attention and to question more than any other.

    Just some examples: the North Pole, which many remember to be covered in an ice cap, is now just water; Greenland is suddenly massive; there is a new island above Norway; South America has moved far to the right; Australia has moved up; New Zealand has moved down; the Mediterranean is skewed and shifted. Upon close inspection, it seems almost every place in the world has changed to some degree.

    The Pacific takes up almost half the planet, and there is some evidence many new landmasses are forming all over the world. This is linked to the re-uniting of our world with 4-5 others.

  • We are seeing more intense and vibrant colors, in the new rainbow mountains in China, the rainbow eucalyptus trees, and many of the other landmarks around our world. There are whole new species of animals in colors so bright and shimmering that they are absolutely delightful to watch. Often these animals are not just astoundingly colorful, they’re also quirky and silly and beautiful in their shapes and feel.

    Part of this trend is the earlier invention of color TV, which led to advances in technology that allowed people for the last decades to make higher quality movies and games. Entire generations have become used to processing more bright and complex visuals and sounds, which allowed them to handle more complex information.

    Most importantly, people are finding more joy and wonder and happiness.

  • More difficult to notice than many of the other mandala effects because it concerns the energy people are holding, is the change towards greater love, integrity and beauty in people – not just those alive in the world now, but also across time.

    The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedes, used to be full of anger and bitterness, yet now when you look at early videos from him, his emotions are healthy, there isn’t the anger, and his heart is online in a time where such should have been impossible. Some, but not yet all of his current pictures reflect this change made in his youth. He is not the only one.

    Originally, most people weren’t able to bring their heart online until the Shift from 2010-2015, but now, many people in history, including many who are alive today, are healthy, beautiful people capable of love.

  • A lot of the previously mentioned effects seem minor in case, a changed word here, a changed date there. From 2017 onward, we started seeing more and more changes in history.

    There are small changes, like Hitler’s eye color being blue now rather than brown and his moustache being bushy instead of tidy, but also more important changes, like the terrorist attack on the US in WW1, WTC 6 now also having imploded on 9/11, JFK having been shot by Jackie, new archeological finds in Petra, and the earlier date on the ban of cigarette ads.

    The extent to which changes are being made to historic events is still in flux, but according to the Angel we can expect many more changes to historic events over the coming years, to the point where much of modern history won’t be recognizable.

  • Once we start realising that the Mandela Effect is real and that it's happening to all of us, all the time, the next question is: What the.... ?? How is this happening? What's causing it?

    One possible cause of the Mandela Effect is changes being made in the past, and this is the one I want to take some time to explain here.

  • If you are one of these people who still has access to the higher energy processing centers, you can intentionally remember a version of the way things used to be, or the way things are now, depending on where in your system you center your energy and focus your processing.

    This is a great way to check if something is a mandala effect or not: if you remember something different from your Third Mind than from your First Mind, something likely has changed in the timelines. The reason is it works that your Third Mind can remember across timelines, while your First Mind only sees what is in front of it.

    Although the technique depends on your ability to work with your energy system, even if you have no training in this, you might find some results by simply imagining the center of you to be in your guts, your heart or your head.

  • Of course we all study the Mandela Effect our own way. But sometimes, it's a really slippery effect, and we have only our memories to rely on. We want to understand it better, to look for the trends, to see what's going on, maybe even dare to predict where things are going, but just from looking at Berenstain, Ford logos and singers names, there's just not that much to learn beyond "Oh, another one."

    The beauty of studying the Mandela Effect by using geography is that you can study it yourself very easily, and get your own perspective. Yes, you still rely on your memory, but you are looking in a specific area, and you can memorise details that are going to be important - because you know what they are - so that you notice when they change. Whether you want some (extra) proof for yourself that the Mandela Effect really is happening, or you want to study the way it works, this is a great area to get into. Study maps. Memorise as best you can what things look like now. Check back a few days or weeks later, watch it change.

    You can make sure it's not about map distortions, by simply taking a single map or map system and studying that. We use Google Earth for reference, but any are fine - just pick one, as not all maps change at the same rate.

    You can draw lines to show where landmasses are, but if you base your lines specifically on where the coastlines are, your lines will change along with the coastline as changes happen and propagate through. This happened in a lot of Lone Eagle's videos on YouTube. You're better off drawing generic lines, and watch the landmasses move across these lines. We've done this for months now, and have Google Maps drawing files available if you want to have a look. Or you can make your own.

    Watch for the trends detailed in our companion post, and check if you can see some of these predictions happening over the next few weeks and months. As you do, you'll learn a lot about how the Mandela Effect works. You'll see the small changes over time, the appearance of an island here, the disappearance of a barrier there, the merging of islands and the motions of whole continents, in a very specific direction, and step by step. It's surprisingly fun to wake up to a map you studied in detail just a day ago, and see a massive change in just a few hours. It's even more fun to watch where a chance is headed, to make a prediction, and a week later to see that exact thing happening. So much beauty and harmony is going on with the Mandela Effect, we'd be selling ourselves short if we didn't look at it up close and personal. Show it a little love.

    If you want more than just maps, think about the implications, and google for things you think might happen. Kangaroos in New Guinea, for example, didn't used to exist, they were an Australia only species, because Australia was a very remote island. But then Australia moved and got cosey with New Guinea. For the first few months after, still no kangaroos in New Guinea. Now... they've suddenly always been there. You could have seen that change coming easily, just from seeing the change in geography.

    Below is a simple list of what kind of things you may want to look for if you want to try studying the Mandela Effect by using geography.


    Again, Google Earth is not sacred, it's just convenient as the maps are updated only once every few years, and you can zoom in and out and watch elevation levels easily. It doesn't matter if it's not accurate in all details, we're looking for the patterns.

    - Look for land-water edges. It's difficult to look at borders of countries, or exact shapes of mountain areas, but places where the land meets the water are easy to notice, and interesting to study because that's where most of the change is currently happening. So focus there.

    - Look for areas where it looks like landmasses are trying to connect, where they are "reaching out to each other" so to speak.

    - If you have the skill, you can also intuitively feel where the landmass is trying to move to, and check for a few weeks or months to see if it does. When you do, you'll find they are moving a little like weather patterns.

    - Look for bright blue, very vivid colouring along the coast and waterbodies. Where this particular colour of blue shows up, you can very often expect to see Mandela Effects show up.

    - Look for name changes and unnamed islands. When a new island suddenly Mandela-appears, sometimes it won't have a name yet, it will just be this big landmass hanging out, that wasn't there yesterday, that doesn't have a name. Sometimes, they do have a name, but it's a very strange one, and it changes to something more reasonable a day or what later. The big island to the north-west of Scotland is a good example. It appeared out of nowhere one day without a name, then had a very long, very Welsh sounding name (G-gragahghdasdas graghhhhhsa - paraphrasing obviously), then suddenly it was very civilly called "Isle of Lewis".

    - Look for the elevation if you are using Google Earth or an equivalent. Some places still look like they are very much separated by water, but the elevation numbers are changing and showing the water is now very shallow, sometimes only -1 or even 0 meters. If two landmasses are connected by very shallow waters, and a few other indicators are present, it's very likely they will connect.

    - Look for shapes, distances between things, and connections. If it helps, see faces and shapes in landmasses, because those are easy to remember. Eventually, the landmass will change and no longer resemble the shape you imagined it being, and you'll see how much it changed. It's like watching for patterns in the clouds and seeing them change as they float by.

    - Look for patterns of small islands. You can see:

    * New tiny islands appearing, as little dots, surrounded by a darker blue. Sometimes there's only one or two, sometimes they show up by the dozens overnight.

    * Tiny islands starting to merge together, forming a single bigger island.

    * Strings of small islands, sometimes across massive curves through the ocean, that would if they surfaced as a landmass connect several parts of the world. You can see new islands appearing here easily.

    - Look for patterns in landmasses, specifically:

    * Land that looks like fabric that's been stretched too thin, with little lakes or rivers in between, like it's been trying to cover a larger area. Often, land like that will eventually fill right back up.

    * Land that looks "frazzled", especially if it's got lots of small islands with it.

    - Look for patterns in coastlines, such as:

    * The formation of inland seas. If something looks like a bay, but there are a lot of small islands around it, or a big island near it, keep an eye on it, it may change and become a more closed off bay, or eventually even a full sea.

    * "Fingers" starting to stick out of previously smooth coastlines, almost like they are reaching out to something. By themselves these are not per se interesting, but if they seem to be reaching towards something specific, such an another island, a continent, a string of islands, keep an eye on them.

    * Coastlines that have a very similar shape to opposing coastlines, to the point where they look like they fit very neatly together. While traditionally this was a sign of recent separation, with the Mandela Effects, it can also be a sign of imminent joining.


    If this seems interesting to you, but you figure a whole world is a big place to start, and you're not great at topography, pick a single area, look at it till you get a sense for where things are, draw some generic lines if you like, and check back regularly. Don't wait so long that you don't trust your memory anymore. To avoid having to look at lots of places where nothing is changing, here's some good ones:

    - The North Coast of Australia. This place so much wants to touch base with the rest of the land surrounding it, it's reaching and stretching all the time.

    - The Indonesian turtle above Australia. Massive landmass changes are happening here, and there are enough islands that it's easy to keep track of.

    - Denmark. It's nearly connected to Sweden, this transition seems roughly 2/3 of the way done, but there's still enough interesting things to see.

    - Japan. Islands are connecting and disconnecting and changing shapes every day. It's eventually going to link in to Russia and the Koreas.


    - Stay away from places you're too emotionally wrapped up in, or too familiar with, like a place you live. You're going to get in your own way here.

    - Look at it from joy, from curiosity, don't get obsessed or tense about it, you will mess up your awareness of Mandela Effects and notice less and less.

    - Keep politics out of it. If Brexit makes you nervous, or you have Opinions about Russia, or China, or the US, or whatever, leave those alone. Check out something you're neutral about. You'll find many more changes, and a lot more fun along the way.

    Note: Google Earth drawing files available for those who want to study them and compare them to the changes mentioned above, or who just want to get an idea of what it looks like.

  • Human physiology has been very clumsy and inefficient, ever since the Anu got involved in human evolution, and the Angel Kirael has said for years that it was on his list to do something about it.

    For a while now, people have been experiencing the mandala effect on human anatomy. Not only are the kidneys suddenly much higher up, the ribcage itself is shorter, the clavicles are higher up, the spine is broader, the liver has moved and is larger, there is a new digestive organ, there is bone behind the eye socket, and your pulse is taken somewhere else now. The heart has moved to the center of the chest instead of being to the left, making it align better with the energies. All in all, these changes have made the human form more stable, practical and elegant.

    The changes on human anatomy aren’t complete yet.

  • This is a time of awakening for humanity. For the first time, our species is moving into the heart, and becoming an actual sentient species rather than the largely savage animals we have been up till now. To get there, we need to wake up, to start paying attention, to become aware of ourselves and our world.

    Many of the mandala effects are directed at helping people to wake up. They challenge our ideas of the world, they push us to ask questions, they teach us to pay attention to the world around us and stop taking things for granted. "Was it Sally Field, or Sally Fields? Is this memory I have still valid? Maybe I need to re-check and see what's actually there."

    More than just encouraging people to greater awareness in the moment, the mandala effects are working back through history and creating a timestream for our world where humanity started to wake up hundreds of years ago.

  • The mandala effects started off small, with little differences in how words are spelled and small alterations of logos, movies, lyrics and so on. This was just the first wave, with small, mostly innocent changes, to get people used to the idea that things have been changing and to give them a chance to build awareness.

    What follows are waves steadily increasing in size and scope, as those who remember the world as it used to be become ready to integrate the changes. We have already seen some of the bigger waves, with the changes in geography and biology, and will see more until roughly 2022, especially focused on human history over the past 10.000 years.

    Entire wars will never have been started, cultures will have developed differently, clean energy technology will never have been suppressed, the origins of humanity and our interaction with the Anu will have been common knowledge, and sexuality will have been a celebrated part of life for decades.

  • As a result of the continued nudges, tweaks and adjustments to our timestream, changes may be made to the same thing many times over. Darth Vader’s mask, for example, has changed 4 or 5 times by now. New islands in the Pacific Ocean have been showing up overnight for months.

    These repeated effects don’t always work in the same direction. They are a result of higher mind math, and may shift seemingly directionless for a while. A change, once made, may shift back to its original, or go all over the map before finally settling on something.

    This means that we cannot talk about the old “reality” or timestream and the new one. Everything we know in the world around us is still in flux, and depending on when you last paid attention, you may remember one version or another or multiple. It also means we should not stop paying attention to a chance once we’ve noticed it, because it may well change again in some important way.

  • One of the important results you will see from the mandala effects are lessening occurrences. Events that you remember have still happened – just less severe, less horrible, less violent.

    The easiest place to notice lessening occurrences is in casualties across history. For example, in the first loop through this changing timestream, over a million people were tortured and burned at the stake over the 400 years of the Spanish inquisition. A few loops later, wiki reported approximately 150.000 executions, and then later only 5000. The same is increasingly true for deaths during world wars and other violent conflicts, instances of racism, rape, murder. On a personal level, if you experienced abuse in your childhood, this abuse may now have happened much less often, and less severely.

    With these lessening occurrences, letting go of the old becomes essential.

  • According to the memories of many, Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, yet he survived and became president of his country and led it into an age of greater tolerance and peace. The unidentified man who stood in front of approaching tanks at Tiananmen square in the 1990s is often remembered as being run over, yet he survived and inspired and gave hope to millions. Fidel Castro is often remembered to have died a few days before he did.

    On a personal level as well as on a political level, the mandala effect seems to be shuffling around the birth- and death-dates of people all over the world. People in the time stream we are currently experiencing have died sooner, or later, or are of a different age at key moments in their life. Some people weren’t born at all, or haven’t died yet. While not all are of obvious importance, in many cases it’s clear how these changes have made the world a better place.

  • We like to think that one of the most stable things in our world is, well, our world itself. The land under out feet. We're aware it moves, but at such slow rates that it takes hundreds or thousands of years to even really notice any difference. With the Mandela Effect, landmasses around the Earth have been moving around constantly for perhaps years now.

    Some of these changes are recorded Mandela Effects, others people have not paid much attention to because they have been moving much more gradually. We'd be wrong though to talk about the "before" and "current", as landmasses on our globe are changing every single day still.

  • One of the most fascinating changes that we are seeing with the Mandela Effects are the changes to human anatomy. Unlike changes in spelling and logos, changes to our bodies affect every single one of us. They are initially hard to notice, because we don’t look inside our own bodies on a regular basis, but easy to verify because we’ve all learned some basic anatomy in school, and we can just poke our own body to see if it’s changed.

    me an flexChanges in human anatomy are the best place to start if you want to become aware of the improvements the Mandela Effect changes have made to our world and our lives. Many of the changes seem random or ambivalent, but the changes to our body almost without exception are clearly improvements. You’ll find you’re able to do more with your body than you ever could before (more endurance, more flexibility), and you’re less vulnerable to injuries.

    Here’s an incomplete list of changes to the human body. Things are still changing every day, so some of these may be different in the future, and more may be added.

  • There has been a lot of speculation about what is causing the Mandela Effect and who is doing it, but not not much attention has been paid to the trends in what is changing. Most people focus on individual changes, or on "whodunit". Yet it's the way that our world is changed by the Mandela Effect that really tells us if we should be worried... or actually really excited about this change.

    I'm suggesting it's the latter: with each of these waves of new Mandela Effects, our world is getting better, and healthier, and more beautiful, and more kind. The changes are pushing us away from the destruction we were headed to, and to a healthier and healthier and healthier place. Whoever is doing it, they're giving us something really amazing, and if we can notice it, we can stop being afraid and start falling in love with this beautiful world of ours.

  • Within the last year or so, there seem to have been several unknown ancient cities that are suddenly part of the known archeological records. These are not cities that were recently discovered, or insignificant ones that would have been easily overlooked. Some of the most important archeological finds, ones that have changed the way science thinks about early human civilization, appeared somewhere in the last year, and are now considered to have always been part of modern archeology.

  • You may have seen a song, a book, a picture, a map, an historical event, change more than once. The reason for this is that adjusting the timestream does not happen simply by picking up a line and putting it somewhere else. It is a dynamic process, with every change affecting the others, until eventually the timestream anneals in the new place and becomes stable again.

    Until then, we are all looping through the bubble in which the timestream is changing. Every time a change affects our lives, we go back to the place-time where we are affected, and move forward from there on. Our own personal history is rewritten as the history of the world is rewritten, many times over, until we come out the other end.

    Here you can find a partial transcript of a non-published recording by Kirael doAni, explaining the idea of these loops.

  • Another very common place to find mandala effects is in songs and artworks. Less easy to verify than logos but often more easy to remember, countless paintings, statues, movies and especially songs have changed in small or large ways. Some albums you remember have never existed in this time stream, others that you’ve never heard of have always been here.

    For example, Pikachu used to have a black stripe on his tail, Rodin’s “The Thinker” changed, Mona Lisa seems to be changing every other day, “Luke, I am your father” and “Beam me up Scotty” were never said, “We are the champions” no longer ends in “of the world”, and there’s a whole new Madonna album, and there’s a whole new movie, “Milk Money” (1994).

    Often overlooked, music, movies and other forms of art have a huge influence on the way we live our lives.

  • Perhaps the most common and most easily accepted type of mandela effect are subtle changes in names of famous (and likely, non-famous) people, logos, and the spelling of certain words.

    Well known examples are the missing dash in Kit-Kat, the new loop in the Ford logo, the missing circles on the Target logo, and the spelling of the Berenstein Bears, FruitLoops, Sex in the City, Kate Perry, and Looney Toons.

    An extra letter here, one less there, a change in font, these small changes are effectively insignificant. They don’t make much of a difference in the world. Yet, they stand out to people exactly because they are so common and widespread that people known them well, and they manage to catch people’s attention without provoking fear. They are small little wake-up calls that serve to awaken people enough to start smelling the coffee.

  • Wildlife organisations have been very worried over the past decades about species extinctions. Yet at the same time, with these mandala effects, there seem to be many new kinds of plants and animals in our world that many people don’t recall seeing before. They are plants and animals that you definitely would have noticed.

    You may want to search for the narwhal, effectively a unicorn whale, rainbow eucalyptus trees, and various other strange creatures like raccoon dogs, tree kangaroos, dog-sized bats, orange crocodiles, pink elephants, peacock spiders, and more. They are well worth looking up.

    Many of these new animals, fondly called mandanimals, have beautiful, vibrant colours in a way this world has rarely seen before. They tend to be quirky, strange creatures that will make you smile.

  • A lot of people talk about Nibiru when they try to understand what's going on with the Shift, or with the Mandela Effect. They are worried about it being a planet in orbit around our world that will come and somehow destroy us. This is just a story.

    Nibiru is not causing the Mandela Effect, or even related to it. It's a space station, a ship, that's parked in orbit around our planet. It is the vessel in with the Anufirst came to our world, roughly 300.000 years ago, and where they lived during much of their time with our world. As the Anu set themselves up as gods, people came to refer to the place they lived as "the heavens" or "the dwelling place of the gods".

    One of the reasons why Nibiru often gets linked with the Mandela Effect, is that the changes in our world are bringing back memories of humanity's ancient past.

  • One of the reasons that things keep changing, even if they’ve already changed before, is that the effects are propagating outwards and causing secondary and tertiary changes in their own right. If smoking ads were banned two decades earlier, then up to a million people might never have gotten lung cancer. As the mandala effects work their way through our timestream, whatever difference they or their children made in the world these resulting changes start to show up in our world.

    Propagating effects apply to any changes that would have long lasting effects in the world, including the millions of people who ended up not dying in various wars and conflicts that in the adjusted timestream caused much fewer casualties or never happened at all, the technological advances that came from color TV being invented decades earlier, and the influence this had on art and human development.

  • Along with small changes to song lyrics and movie quotes, there seem to have been a large number of changes to ancient religious texts. The most vocal about this have been avid readers of the Christian bible, where the trinity is now in question, an Angel instead of God talked to Moses in the burning bush, oh, and there are unicorns and stuff in the bible now.

    The effects on religion is by no means limited to Christianity. Changes to the Old Testament means changes in the fundamental underlying principles of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There may well be similar changes to the Koran and the Torah, and to ancient Hindu and Buddhist writings.

    As a consequence of these changes to ancient texts, religious attitudes have changed in key places towards greater tolerance within the religion, and greater harmony between religions.

  • Much of human history is forgotten. Most of us like to think that humanity crawled out of the caves perhaps 8.000 years ago and promptly started building advanced civilizations. There is much more to our history than that, another 250.000 years that have faded from our memory. Events from this forgotten time affect humanity till this day.

    Many mandala effects are aimed at bringing our forgotten history back into awareness. There are now archeological finds, such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, that show us humanity discovered civilization much earlier than previously thought, questioning our theories about human development. Other archeological sites, like Petra in Jordan, have changed enormously, and show that advanced technology was used in the creation of them.

    More details about humanity’s forgotten past can be found here.

  • Although it has mostly been the domain of conspiracy theorists, avoided by the majority of people, it seems clear that there is a lot that our governments, militaries, and big companies aren’t telling the common people, or even straight up lying about. Whether this is to protect people, to hide crimes, or to maintain competitive advantage and make more money, these lies and manipulations are a problem. They oppose awareness and integrity and a healthy moving forward for our world, and so they are being revealed.

    This pattern includes the revelation of political conspiracies like the assassination of JFK andthe fact that the attack on the Reichstag in WW2 was a false flag just like the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, but also revelations about the availability of clean energy sources and ways to feed everyone in this world, about non-terrestrial intelligences and our contact with them, and about humanity’s forgotten history over the past 300.000 years.

  • Among the changes in historical events are changes in technological advancements. There are technologies available today, steadily developed over the past decades, that weren’t even in the works yet a year ago.

    The murder on JFK is often discussed in relation to the mandala effect, not only because of 6 seats, or his wife’s actions, but also because it was filmed in color, while many people remember seeing it in black and white originally. It appears that color TV was invented perhaps two decades earlier, and with that, many other technological advances were sped up.

    One example is 3D projection mapping, a technology that is widespread today and is used in research and entertainment alike. Another is the use of camera drones, which has just come into public awareness recently, but has suddenly also been used in the movie industry for decades.

  • You are not noticing mandala effects by accident, or because you managed to uncover something you weren’t supposed to notice. You were very much supposed to notice.

    Without the mandala effect, no one would ever know that anything had changed. We would have missed the chance to be aware of the greatest time in history, the most important time in the existence of our species. Humanity would have forgotten all about the pain and suffering and horror in its past, and with that, would not be able to celebrate all the amazing things that are in the world now. People would stay asleep, content in their calm, pretty world, and never develop the awareness and deep sense of love and harmony that humanity is headed for.

    The following is a slightly redacted transcript from a non-published audio recording from 2017-04-20.

  • Even though sometimes Mandala effects look like they are happening all over the place, there are beautiful patterns to them if you know where to look. Every time you see a logo change, there is almost certainly a much larger, deeper change right there in the same place as well. Every time you see a massive shift, there are almost certainly a lot of small, surface level changes surrounding it. We’ve called it the Fractal Mandela Effect. 

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